The book “Ask Measure Learn” is a comprehensive guide on understanding big data and social media analytics benefits managers and data scientists alike. The framework by Lutz Finger and Soumitra Dutta will transform your business.

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  • Knowing Osama’s Where About

     In April 2011, United States Special Forces descended on the hideout of Osama bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group al-Qaida. The ensuing raid killed bin Laden after over a decade of living in hiding and directing attacks by his followers. So who knew where he was located? The answer may surprise you: we ALL did. According to Kalev […]
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  • The Age of Algorithm

    The following WRITE UP of the SXSW conference was original posted on LinkedIn — South by South West Interactive (SxSW) is no ordinary conference. It is a festival and platform that allows showcasing the fusion of content with technology. Here, robots meet designer, social meets analytics and Snowden meets the rest of us. In many […]
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  • Marshall Kirkpatrick talks about Media Data

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  • Bjoern Ognibeni about Content Curation

    Bjoern Ognibeni about Content Curation
    Bjoern Ognibeni (@ognibeni), Cofounder of BuzzRank, in an interview with Lutz Finger, author from Ask Measure Learn. Algorithm are the cross-section between data and content curation. Many successful startups have grown in this space, including BuzzRank and Big players like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter created their own stand-alone algorithms to supply their audience with [...]
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  • Gilad Lotan and the Age of Algorithm

    Gilad Lotan (@gilgul) from the startup incubator, BetaWorks explains in a discussion with Lutz Finger, why algorithms could be a danger to all of us. The #occupywallstreethashtag did not trend on twitter but Kim Kardashian’s wedding did. Why? Definitely not because the movement was of less importance in comparison to the wedding. The algorithm was designed [...]
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  • Virality versus Contagiousness

    The term virality, is derived from the word viral. In the context of digital media this involves the spreading of information and opinion.  Virality was coined with the onset of social media and implies that information across social media platforms can spread like an epidemic.  When a piece of information is passed to more than [...]
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  • Social Media Bots

    Social media bots are a form of artificial intelligence that simulates human behavior in order to interact with the world, the same way an actual human would online. Social bots are capable of maintaining a digital footprint, stay up to date with current events and even share personal information about themselves. How easy one can [...]
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  • Media industry is alive

    Data analytics and algorithms are the key to success in the media industry states Lutz Finger, a director at LinkedIn and an authority on the subjects of social media and text analytics. Media landscape has evolved significantly over the years. In the past, content creation was left to a selected few journalists and editors. However, [...]
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