The book “Ask Measure Learn” is a comprehensive guide on understanding big data and social media analytics benefits managers and data scientists alike. The framework by Lutz Finger and Soumitra Dutta will transform your business.

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  • Give Me The Data! Why So Many Data Ideas Fail

    To build a data product you need to have the right data. This sounds simple, but it is often forgotten by entrepreneurs or top managers alike. Data should not be confused with the product or the business question that makes it powerful. But even if you have a great idea, it comes down to having [...]
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  • Data Demystified

    "Data Demystified" is the best way to describe this year’s Strata Conference. The data conference STRATA has grown substantially: more visitors, more talks, more vendors at the exhibitions, and more space. But most importantly the topics displayed have matured. Data is not only becoming easier, the science of data itself has become demystified. It is [...]
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  • 3 Data Products You Need To Know

    Today we see discussions on Big Data everywhere. Big Data - so has been the promise since 2011, when this hype started - surrounds all of us and will yield to new products - DATA PRODUCTS. The ones able to spot and build the new data products will become the leaders in the industry, such [...]
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  • Rule The World With Small Data

    I was recently asked to “outline a vision of what Big Data may do in the future” for a book published by Dave Coplin - Microsoft's Chief Envisioning Officer. Yes, it’s time for a vision but not on Big but on Small Data. Data is nothing new, despite the hype we recently see. We have [...]
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  • Data Can Fail Us – Like Brazil Did

    Germany defeated Brazil in the World Cup semi-finals. It was a brutal 7-1 drubbing and totally was unexpected! What does this tell us about data? Many of us who work with data hail the possibilities (see the Age of the Algorithm). But those two sentences point to the two most common pitfalls I see when [...]
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  • The Reason Why We Love Big Data: Recommendations

    Recommendation Engines have gained the most attention in the Big Data world. Why is that? Big Data has created three distinct types of data driven products: Data used to Benchmark Data used for Recommendation and Filter systems Data used for Predictions Benchmarking is often the first quick win when embarking into the world of big [...]
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  • Our Future: Free Will vs. Predictions with Data

    What is the future of big data? It will be all about predictions! Predictions based on data has come into our world and we often do not even know it. In many cities in the US, for example, it is no longer a coincidence when you meet a police officer: they are getting dispatched based [...]
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  • Knowing Osama’s Where About

     In April 2011, United States Special Forces descended on the hideout of Osama bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group al-Qaida. The ensuing raid killed bin Laden after over a decade of living in hiding and directing attacks by his followers. So who knew where he was located? The answer may surprise you: we ALL did. According to Kalev […]
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